The 30-Day Spa

I was out with friends last night–one of whom is a blog-reader–and she said she loves my blog, but my posts aren’t as upbeat. She’s right. Not that it’s wrong to go through struggles or write about them, but I don’t want my blog to drag me into the struggle. I want it to be a place where I can write and think out loud. I want to discover my authentic voice–the best blogs I read are those that really have a clear, strong voice. I want to focus on something besides my weight. I want to embrace my strengths and positive qualities and give myself a break because it has been a tough, hectic month. It’s okay to backslide, but it’s important to keep moving forward.

On that note, I have a ticket to the Healthy Living Summit. In thirty days, I will be hanging out and trading secrets and learning from some awesome fitness and lifestyle bloggers, and I am so pumped! I have decided to end my part-time job search and just enjoy the next thirty days. I work a lot. I worked every summer all through high school and college, and I’ve tutored during the summers while I’ve been working. I think what’s been making me extra-crazy this month is the unknown. Will I find a part-time job? When am I leaving to go abroad? What am I going to do today? AHHHH! So, overwhelmed, I do nothing… except veg in front of the tv and munch and munch and munch.

Well. Enough.

So many of us who work imagine all the things we would do if we only had the time. Well, I have the time! I am going to take the next thirty days to enjoy myself, my country, my town, my friends. I am going to eat healthy and exercise, and while that will be a big part of my day and my blog, it’s not going to be the focus. It will be a backdrop to the other things I’m doing.

I’m calling it The 30-Day Spa. I can’t afford a superfancy spa, but I can afford to treat myself and make my life at home as spa-like as possible. I’ve already bought some cool dishes that will come out on Monday. I’m going to snatch up a 30-day gym membership and make use of English-speaking fitness classes while I can. I am going to enjoy myself, enrich myself, empower myself.

I am also going to work up to the Healthy Living Summit and think about my Mind, Body, and Soul. I’m pumped for the next thirty days!


About Heather

I'm a literature-loving adventurer.
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