Day 2, part 1–Tour de John

Though I went to bed with a feeling of satisfaction and contentedness, I woke up feeling a bit desperate and crazy. I had eaten a crazy French meal!! I had obviously gained 4000 pounds! The world was ending!

Then I remembered, I was supposed to be at the Spa. I know it’s pretty corny for me to create a spa-in-my-head for my time at home, but it was also helpful. People who pay the big bucks to go to a nice spa shouldn’t spend their time feeling deperate and crazy and out of control, and neither should I. I took a deep breath and got ready to enjoy Day #2, which started with a nice long bike ride.

John took me on his long ride through Princeton. We biked for about an hour and 45 minutes and maintained an average speed of about 15 mph. Not too shabby. I had a quick cup of coffee before the ride for fuel, and I think it helped! (I’m not into exercise on a full stomach, especially in the heat.)

I killed the hills! Although our ride wasn’t especially hilly, whenever we came about a slope–gentle or ginormous–I took it down. I pushed harder, biked faster, and conquered those hills! I’m sure many of you have read self help books (guilty pleasure of mine) and many of the ones that discuss body image and healthy living are constantly asking readers to look into a mirror and compliment themselves. Notice beautiful eyes or a captivating smile or something. Many of us talk to ourselves in ways we couldn’t imagine ever talking to another person.

Well, here goes nothing. Though it’s a blog instead of a mirror, I’m going to compliment myself without qualifying or negating the statement.

I have strong legs. I love hills–on the bike, while running. I feel awesome knowing that I could power up those hills today, and I can’t wait to bike and run and work out more often and see what my body can do.

Well, a fairly hectic morning didn’t let me sit down and relax until about 2PM. I enjoyed a Starbucks favorite: the eggs florentine wheat English muffin and a small (tall?) soy latte. Ahhh…. time to get a move on–hoping to cross something off the list today!


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I'm a literature-loving adventurer.
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