Day 2 & 3–The Trouble with Food

One of the most wonderful things about paying attention to your health and eating is that you are forced to pay more attention to your food.

I have never been big on organizing and planning meals. Ask Tara (my BFF from my first year in Germany) and Sasha (my BFF from year 2 in Deutschland). I was happy to chop the occasional vegetable, stir the occasional pot, and indulge in the more-than-occasional glass of wine or square of chocolate. Living alone, I didn’t mind pulling a Lean Cuisine from my freezer and popping it into the microwave after work. However, living like that is not satisfying. I think that those of us with weight issues especially should take the time to prepare something for ourselves–to chop, to smell, to savor, and to enjoy something that we have prepared. I am really enjoying cooking more now and being more involved in what I put into my body.

Last night, I prepared Lauren’s Risotto. Lauren is my oldest friend–we have been next-door neighbors since we were four years old, and we grew apart and together over the years that followed. I was always the more studious, academic friend. I never really cared about what I wore, how my hair looked, or where I fell in the pecking order. Lauren was the athletic, artistic friend. She pursued winterguard and photography with passion in high school and has since started her own business!

Even though I am the older friend (by almost a year–I was born at the beginning of our grade in school, she was born at the end), I have always admired Lauren for having such a clear sense of self. I think there was a minute where she doubted herself, right after we all graduated from high school, but she picked herself up, moved on, and went after what she wanted. How many people turn planning their own wedding into a successful business!? I also admire Lauren’s attitude on weight. She has pretty much always been slender and fit but still deals with the normal weight fluctations that all women do; however, for Lauren they aren’t weight struggles.

I struggle with my weight. It’s a near-constant issue for me, though I have come a long way. Lauren faces her weight. She is a few pounds heavier than she’d like to be right now, so she’ll lose it. She keeps track of calories as a challenge–can she come in under her target? Can she reach her goal weight by a certain point? Sometimes, I see goal calories and goal weights and all those things as punishment, so I find her healthy attitude inspiring.

Lauren is marrying a vegetarian, and this risotto is something they enjoy preparing together. She and I made it the other night, then I made it for my boyfriend, and I heated up the leftovers for myself last night.

I stuffed the leftovers into a tomato. Delish!

Plus, I sauted some spinach and mushrooms on the side.

I took some more trouble with food today for lunch. I sauteed some veggies again, prepped an egg white, and threw the deliciousness into a wrap!

Plus Kaffee!

My father is going to kill me. Notice those more blog-beautiful dishes? Aren’t they awesome. I bought the coffee cup and saucer because it reminds me of eating at hotels in Germany. Their breakfasts aren’t the toast, fruit cocktail, and waffle-maker breakfasts we know in America. They are fantastic feasts of Muesli, cold cuts, eggs, and constantly refilled coffee. I wanted to bring a sense of that luxury to my table. However, I am moving out of the country soon, so I’m not too sure how thrilled my dad is going to be with my accumulation of more stuff. All for the sake of the blog though, right?

My food trouble comes in with being at home, and it’s something I’m going to tackle with a nutritionist tomorrow. I met with a nutritionist earlier in the year and did a great cleanse with her, but she’s in the Philly area, so since I’m home, I found a great (I think!) woman locally. I feel like this is my time to invest in myself. I spent some money traveling last summer, so I think it’s okay to spend some money investing in myself this summer.

Angela posted a great question yesterday inspired by Eat, Pray, Love. She asked What are the things you want to do but aren’t sure they have a practical purpose?

A lot of people want to travel before they settle down, but I think I’ve got that down! I guess my biggest want is creating a healthy life for myself. I think that’s pretty practical, but it’s not easy. Ialso think my “spa month” might seem indulgent, but I think it’s necessary. I want to spend the time creating my best life, and I am blessed to have some time to make that happen! I think (well, I’m learning to think) that investing in yourself is a wise investment.


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