Here’s Heather

deSKinny is about finding my path in a variety of ways.

The actual name is a variation of “the skinny”–as in what’s the news? what’s going on? what’s the skinny? Ok, I’m probably not cool enough to say that. (Is it cool to say that?) Of course, both theskinny and daskinny were already taken, but then I thought, well “de” is kinda like “da.”

We’ll pretend.

But this name morphed into a lot more.

de refers to both Germany (Deutschland) and Delaware. I spent my the first five years of my post-college life in these two places, and I grew up a lot. In Germany, I rekindled a love of biking. I met amazing friends who have since spread out all over the world. I traveled all over Europe and learned a foreign language. And I struggled with my weight.

In Delaware, I learned how to teach a roomful of squirming fifteen-year-olds how to write a paper. I rented my first apartment. I made some big mistakes and learned some painful lessons. I met an amazing man. I struggled with my weight.

Then, on September 14, 2009, I decided enough was enough. I wanted to stop struggling. I wanted to get away from my tendency to try-and-lose-twenty-pounds-in-two-weeks and give up two days later because I was frustrated and had yet to see results. I slowly lost weight.

In April, I joined a group on a cleanse. We ate a restricted diet for a month. I felt amazing, and I finally reached my twenty-pound goal.

In May, with the end of the cleanse, my weight began to fluctuate. I was weighing myself constantly. I was beating myself up when the scale shifted even slightly. I gave up the scale–for a year I thought.

In June, I quit my job. I moved out of my apartment while tutoring, chaperoning a service trip, saying goodbye, visiting friends, and celebrating. I could feel my body changing, and I didn’t like it.

On July 1, I went to the doctor (gotta use that health insurance!) and I got weighed. I didn’t want to see my weight at first, but then I realized that I knew I had gained weight, and I wanted the facts. I wanted to know where I was so I could get back on track.

SK is the next part of the title. I am going to live in South Korea and teach English for a year. I am so excited to learn more about this part of the world and more about myself.

deSK is what I am leaving behind. OK, I might have a desk at my next job (and all my jobs after that–who knows?), but I want to leave myself open. I want to give myself the option of exploring other careers and other talents. I am so excited to figure out more about myself and more about what I want from life and what I can offer.

and here we are.


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