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Day 4–Investments

With the recession, talk of investments has dominated the media. For people who are further along in their careers than I am, I know that the recession has been devastating but being relatively young, I have yet to make any … Continue reading

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Day 2 & 3–The Trouble with Food

One of the most wonderful things about paying attention to your health and eating is that you are forced to pay more attention to your food. I have never been big on organizing and planning meals. Ask Tara (my BFF … Continue reading

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Day 1, It Starts–Life at “The Spa”

On Saturday, July 17th I woke up. It was the first of my 30-day “spa life.” How to begin? I contemplated fasting. My eating habits had been a bit haywire this week, and I wanted to “detox.” Then I reconsidered. … Continue reading

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The 30-Day Spa

I was out with friends last night–one of whom is a blog-reader–and she said she loves my blog, but my posts aren’t as upbeat. She’s right. Not that it’s wrong to go through struggles or write about them, but I … Continue reading

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