Spa Plans


  1. spa meals
  2. spa movement
  3. spa motivation

Spa Days:

  1. Old School day–visit my old schools
  2. get a massage
  3. volunteer (planned for 8/11)
  4. haircut
  5. skincare routine
  6. new make-up
  7. comedy show
  8. play or performance
  9. pick my own fruit
  10. Grounds for Sculpture
  11. visit a farm
  12. biking with friends
  13. cook a crazy-gourmet meal
  14. get crafty
  15. go hiking
  16. walk or run the canal
  17. FroYo taste test of Princeton (munchmobile style)
  18. watch an old movie
  19. attend a lecture at the library
  20. hit the beach
  21. day in Philly
  22. run Philly tour
  23. brunch in Philly
  24. canoe the canal
  25. old-fashioned slumber party
  26. Old School II: visit Williamsburg
  27. visit family in New England
  28. spend a day in my town’s library (I probably bought a wing there through my childhood late fees)
  29. make care packages
  30. picnic with my girlfriends
  31. make an appointment with a nutritionist (7/20, next appt 8/3)
  32. connect with people from my past (7/20 x2)
  33. visit a museum
  34. try meditation
  35. tour de NYC

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